Table 1 - Summary of Land Allocations and Management Actions/Direction

(detailed management direction is described in the Resource Management Plan)

Major Land Allocations1   Acres
Late-Successional Reserves   136,500
Adaptive Management Area (Matrix)   16,200
General Forest Management Area   100,400
Connectivity/Diversity Blocks   58,000
Other2   3,000
  Total   314,100
1Riparian Reserves underlie all of the allocations/classifications shown in this chart. Overlaps could not be eliminated due to limitations in the database. There are no overlaps in the other acres.
District Designated Reserve

Riparian Reserves   Acres
Riparian Reserves   172,900

Old Growth and
Mature Forest Habitat
Management Decision:    
Manage 70% of the land as
Late-Successional Reserves.
Manage 7.5% as Connectivity/
Diversity Blocks.
Area managed for retention and
development of older forest1
Area managed for maintenance of
older forest characteristics2
Older forest retained end of
first decade3 78,400
1Late-Successional Reserve and Riparian Reserves
Connectivity/Diversity Blocks
Forest 100 years and older

Timber1   Acres
Forest Management Allocations
(acres of commercial forest land)
  Intensive or General Forest
Management Area (GFMA)
  Restricted   27,000
  Enhancement of other uses
or not available
Practices (assumed average annual
acres for first decade)
  Regeneration harvest   570
  Commercial thinning/density
management harvest
  Site Preparation    
    Prescribed fire2   1,070
    Other   350
    Vegetation Control   340
  Animal Damage Control   600
  Precommercial Thinning   590
  Brushfield/hardwood conversion   50
  Planting/regular stock   0
  Planting/genetically selected stock   680
  Fertilization   1,670
  Pruning   630
  New road construction
(miles/acres) first 10 years
  Allowable Sale Quantity
(million cubic feet)
  Allowable Sale Quantity
(million board feet)
  Miscellaneous volume
(million cubic feet) (unregulated)
  Miscellaneous volume
(million board feet)
1Except for prescribed fire, these figures do not include any acres in the
LSRs and Riparian Reserves. These figures represent only proposed
future needs on operable lands based on modelled harvest levels — it
does not include existing needs!
This includes 990 acres needed for habitat maintenance, restoration, and
hazard reduction throughout all land use allocations.

Special Status Species
including Threatened and
Endangered Species Habitat
Management Decision:
Manage habitats of Federal
Candidate, State Listed and
Bureau Sensitive Species on
all BLM administered lands.
Areas managed so as not to
contribute to "need to list"
Wildlife (including Fisheries)
Special habitat buffers (feet)   100-300
Fish habitat improvement (miles)   54
Forage seeding (acres/year)   200-500

Special Areas   Number/Acres
Existing Special Areas   8/1,511
New Special Areas   7/1,345
Potential Special Areas   4/7,844
Total Special Areas1   15/2,856
1Does not include acreage in Potential Special Areas.

Recreation Resources   Number/Acres
Recreation sites    
  Existing   13/94
  Potential   6/1,171
Special Recreation Management Areas    
  Existing   1/277
  New1   6/24,454
Area open to Off Highway
Vehicle use
Area limited to Off Highway
Vehicle use
Area closed to Off Highway
Vehicle use
  Existing (number/miles)   7/24
  Potential (number)   19/78
1These acres can increase due to land exchanges and acquisitions.

Wild and Scenic Rivers   Number/Miles
River segments found
suitable for designation as:
  Recreational   3/70
  Scenic   0/0
  Wild   0/0

Visual Resources   Acres
Management Decision:    
Manage high value, moderately
sensitive areas as VRM Class II.
Manage other areas as VRM
Class III and IV.
Area managed as VRM Class II   4,471
Area managed as VRM Class III   33,130
Area managed as VRM Class IV1   301,600
VRM = Visual Resource Management.
1 Approximately

Land Tenure
Management Decision:
Make exchanges of O&C lands to contribute to biological
diversity or to enhance timber management. Substantial
acres of O&C forest land available for timber management
would not be exchanged for lands to be managed for a single purpose.
Sell Public Domain lands and O&C lands other than
available commercial forest land, meeting criteria of
Federal Land Policy and Management Act section 203(a).
Make leases toaccommodate other appropriate uses.
  Land Use Allocations  
Zone   Acres
Zone 1   78,175
Zone 2   238,398
Zone 3   36

Rights-of-Way   Acres
Rights-of-Way exclusion areas   1,367
Rights-of-Way avoidance areas   151,091

Energy and Mineral Resources   Acres
Area open to Leasable
energy/mineral development
Area closed to Leasable
energy/mineral development
Area open to Locatable
energy/mineral development
Area closed to Locatable
energy/mineral development

Rural Interface Area
Area considered for alternative
management practices1
Area managed for VRM Class II
Area managed for VRM Class III
VRM = Visual Resource Management.
1BLM administered lands adjacent to areas zoned for lots larger than 20
acres would also be considered for alternative management practices.