Eugene Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Eugene Record of Decision

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Relationship of the RMP to BLM Policies, Programs, and Other Plans

The BLM in western Oregon developed 5 other Resource Management Plans. The 6 Resource Management Plans cover all BLM administered lands in western Oregon. Some lands administered by the Salem District to the north and the Roseburg and Coos Bay Districts to the south directly adjoin lands addressed in this plan; on other lands administered by these Districts there is shared management of certain resource or administrative features (e.g., watersheds, road networks). Cooperation is occurring in the management of these lands.

The Eugene District Draft RMP/EIS was supplemented by the SEIS/ROD. The SEIS/ROD, signed jointly by the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Agriculture, required the BLM to incorporate the land use allocations and standards and guidelines in that decision in the BLM's RMPs for western Oregon. The RMP is intended to be consistent with the SEIS/ROD; any apparent inconsistencies are oversights or misinterpretations of SEIS/ROD language. The Final SEIS describes the environmental impacts that arise from those directions. It incorporates the analysis in that Final SEIS.

The RMP incorporates the following Records of Decisions by reference:

  • Northwest Area Noxious Weed Control Program

  • Western Oregon Program-Management of Competing Vegetation

  • Pacific Yew Management

Any finding made in the Record of Decision for this RMP, that certain river segments studied herein are suitable for designation under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, is a preliminary administrative finding. The finding will receive further review and possible modification by the Director, BLM; Secretary of the Interior; or the President of the United States. To facilitate the review, after completion of this RMP and its Record of Decision, the BLM may elect or be required to prepare a study report to support recommendations to Congress for designation of specific rivers or river segments. Final decisions have been reserved by Congress unless the Governor nominates a river to the Secretary of the Interior, who may then decide to designate it.

Fish and Wildlife 2000 Plan

This plan is a program strategy for the management of biological resources for the Eugene District. It defines District priorities, based on BLM policy and legal mandates. Under this plan, biological program initiatives will be defined and evaluated within the context of BLM priorities at the regional and national levels to assure that limited BLM funds are directed toward those actions considered to be most urgent.

West Eugene Wetlands Plan

The 1992 West Eugene Wetlands Plan governs the management of lands (including BLM lands) located within the "West Eugene Wetlands Study Area" and "West Amazon Drainage Basin" as shown on Map 2, p. 17 of that plan.

Except for those provisions of this RMP found in the Resource Program sections for Energy and Minerals, Land Tenure Adjustments, Rights-of-Way, Access and Withdrawals, this RMP does not apply to the West Eugene Wetlands.