Eugene Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Eugene Record of Decision

Eugene District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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The Planning Area

This Eugene District Resource Management Plan (hereafter referred to as the RMP) describes the management of approximately 318,000 acres of land administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Eugene District. Within the planning area there are also 1,299 acres of nonfederal land with Federal subsurface mineral estate administered by BLM.

BLM administered lands in the planning area are primarily located in the western foothills of the Cascade Range and in the Oregon Coast Range (see Maps 1 and 2). They are predominately forested with stands of Douglas-fir, and drain into the McKenzie, Siuslaw, and Willamette Rivers. Population is centered in and near the cities of Eugene and Springfield.

Table 3 summarizes BLM administered land in the planning area by county.