Eugene Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Eugene Record of Decision

Eugene District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Management of Newly Acquired Lands

Lands may come under BLM administration after completion of the RMP/ROD through exchange, donation, purchase, revocation of withdrawals of other Federal agencies, or relinquishment of Recreation and Public Purpose Act leases. Newly acquired or administered lands or interests in lands will be managed for their highest potential or for the purposes for which they are acquired. For example, lands acquired within "Special Management Areas" with Congressional or RMP allocation/direction will be managed in conformance with guidelines for those areas. If lands with unique or fragile resource values are acquired, it may be appropriate to protect those values until the next plan revision.

Lands acquired with no identified special values or management goals will be managed in the same manner as surrounding or comparable BLM administered lands. This implies typical timber harvest opportunities, intensive timber management practices, management of the mineral estate, standard operating procedures and precommitted mitigation measures.