Eugene Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Eugene Record of Decision

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Ecological Principles for Management of Late-Successional Forests

One goal of this RMP is to maintain late-successional and old growth species habitat and ecosystems on Federal lands. A second goal is to maintain biological diversity associated with native species and ecosystems in accordance with laws and regulations.

All land use allocations described in this RMP will contribute to these 2 goals. For instance, Late-Successional and Riparian Reserves, and many Special Management Areas (e.g., Areas of Critical Environmental Concern) will be managed to enhance and/or maintain late-successional forest conditions. The General Forest Management Area and Connectivity/Diversity Blocks will be managed to retain late-successional forest legacies (e.g., coarse woody debris, green trees, snags, and late-successional forest patches). These and other land use allocations and resource programs are described in detail below.

See Appendix A, which references the SEIS/ROD, for additional information about ecological principles for management of late-successional forests.