Eugene Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Eugene Record of Decision

Eugene District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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ACE   Allowable Cut Effect
ACEC   Area of Critical Environmental Concern
ACMP   Area of Critical Mineral Potential
AMA   Adaptive Management Areas
AMS   Analysis of the Management Situation
ANS   Air Navigation Site
APD   Application for Permit to Drill
AQRV   Air Quality Related Values
ARD   Automated Resource Data
ARPA   Archeological Resources Protection Act
ASQ   Allowable Sale Quantity
AUM   Animal Unit Month
AWS   Analytical Watershed
BEHA   Bald Eagle Habitat Area
BF   Board Feet
BLM   Bureau of Land Management
BMP   Best Management Practices
BRU   Basic Resource Unit
CEQ   Council on Environmental Quality
CFR   Code of Federal Regulations
CF   Cubic Feet
CFS   Cubic Feet per Second
CMAI   Current Mean Annual Increment
COPE   Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement
CSU   Controlled Surface Use
CT   Commercial Thinning
CZMA   Coastal Zone Management Act
dbh   diameter breast height
DCA   Designated Conservation Areas
DDR   District Designated Reserves
DEIS   Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DEQ   Department of Environmental Quality
DLC   Donation Land Claim
DMS   Density Management Study
EA   Environmental Assessment
EEA   Environmental Education Area
EIS   Environmental Impact Statement
EPA   Environmental Protection Agency
ERMA   Extensive Recreation Management Area
ESBM   EcoSystem Based Management
ESC   Existing Stand Condition
ESP   Economic Stimulus Package
FAA   Federal Aviation Administration
FEMAT   Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team
FEIS   Final Environmental Impact Statement
FERC   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FLPMA   Federal Land Policy and Management Act
FWS   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USDI)

GFMA   General Forest Management Area
GIS   Geographic Information System
HCA   Habitat Conservation Area
HMP   Habitat Management Plan
IMPLAN   Input Model Plan developed by the U.S. Forest Service to measure the economic effects of changes in program-related activities.
IRM   Information Resources Manager
KGRA   Known Geothermal Resource Area
LAU   Landscape Analysis Unit
LS/OG   Late-Successional and Old-Growth Forest
LSR   Late-Successional Reserves
LSS   Late-Successional Stages
LUA   Land Use Allocation
M&B   Metes and Bounds
MBF   Thousand Board Feet
MFP   Management Framework Plan
MMBF   Million Board Feet
MMCF   Million Cubic Feet
MOSS   Map Overlay Statistical System
MOU   Memorandum of Understanding
MTP   Master Title Plat
MUSYA   Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act
NAAQS   National Ambient Air Quality Standards
NEPA   National Environmental Policy Act
NFMA   National Forest Management Act of 1976
NMFS   National Marine Fisheries Service (U.S. Dept. of Commerce)
NOS   Notice of Staking
NPS   Non Point Source
NPV   Net Present Value
NSO   No Surface Occupancy
NWR   National Wildlife Refuge
NWSRS   National Wild & Scenic River System
O&C   Oregon and California Act of 1937 (Revested Oregon and California Railroad and Reconveyed Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands)
OAR   Oregon Administrative Rules
OCMP   Oregon Coastal Management Program
ODF   Oregon Department of Forestry
ODFW   Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
ODF&W   (used same as ODFW)
OEDD   Oregon Economic Development Department
OHV   Off-Highway Vehicle
ONA   Outstanding Natural Area
ORV   Outstandingly Remarkable Value
OSDF   Oregon Department of Forestry
OSMP   Oregon Smoke Management Plan
PCT   Precommercial Thinning
PD   Public Domain
PILT   Payments in Lieu of Taxes
PL   Public Law

PLO   Public Land Order
PM   Particulate Matter
PM10   Particulate Matter (10 microns in diameter)
PNV   Present Net Value
PPM   Parts Per Million
PRMP   Proposed Resource Management Plan
PSC   Power Site Classification
PSR   Power Site Reservation
PSQ   Probable Sale Quantity
R&PP   Recreation and Public Purposes
R&R   Retention & Restoration
RFI   Relict Forest Island
RIA   Rural Interface Area
RMA   Riparian Management Area
RMIS   Recreation Management Information System
RMP   Resource Management Plan
RNA   Research Natural Area
ROD   Record of Decision
ROS   Recreation Opportunity Spectrum
RPA   Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act
RRDC   Rural Resources Development Committee
SA   Sensitivity Analysis
SAG   Scientific Advisory Group
SAT   Scientific Analysis Team
SCFL   Suitable Commercial Forest Land
SCORP   Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
SCS   Soil Conservation Service
SEIS   Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
SIP   State Implementation Plan
SPS   Stand Projection System
SRMA   Special Recreation Management Area
SWL   Suitable Woodland
SYU   Sustained Yield Unit
T&E   Threatened and Endangered (species)
TPA   Trees Per Acre
TPCC   Timber Production Capability Classification
TSIS   Timber Sale Information System
USFS   U.S. Forest Service
USFWS   U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USDA   United States Department of Agriculture
USDI   United States Department of the Interior
VRM   Visual Resource Management
W&SR   Wild and Scenic River(s)
WCI   Watershed Condition Index
WODDB   Western Oregon Digital Data Base
WPD   Water Power Designation
WSA   Wilderness Study Area