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Final EIS GIS Data Oregon/Washington BLM



Final EIS GIS Data

Final WOPR Data Image

Data Description/Complexity

Data presented here was prepared for the Western Oregon Plans Revision Final EIS. In preparation, geospatial data was clipped to the Western Oregon Plan Revision planning boundary. Most data was either copied from BLM source material in December, 2005, or acquired from exterior sources between 2004-2007. If one would like the original data for areas outside of the planning boundary, they should request it from the original source as described in the fileís metadata.

Even though the WOPR GIS data only covers a portion of western Oregon, each feature class can be extremely dense in the number of features and attributes. Metadata is embedded in every feature class and can be viewed in both ArcCatalog and via the "WOPR Final EIS GIS Download Listing" link below as an HTML or Text file.

Download times will vary depending on the size of the feature class and the connection speed. The BLM has made an effort to reduce the size of these feature classes by breaking them down by BLM District or Field Office.

Data Download

Each feature class is provided in its own ESRI ArcGIS 9.2 File GeoDatabase. The GeoDatabase containing the feature class is in WinZip format. All data is in Geographic (GCS) NAD83, unless otherwise noted. Some datasets were acquired with varying source projections that were then normalized by projecting the data. The metadata for each feature class will list the details of the projection and datum.

Recommended Web Settings

If you are having problems connecting to the server, please enable the Passive FTP in your client or browser.

Viewing Data

The BLM recommends viewing this data with ESRIís ArcGIS version 9.2 or ESRIís free viewer, ArcGIS Explorer. However, viewing this data is not limited to the recommended software.

Formal Data Requests

To make a formal request for a digital copy of the WOPR data on DVD, please send an e-mail via the Questions or Requests form. Requests are subject to cost recovery fees.