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Survey and Manage

Annual Species Review

Fungi, Ramaria araiospora. Photo by Dan Powell.
Fungi, Ramaria araiospora. Photo by Dan Powell.

The species review process is the adaptive management process within the survey and manage standards and guidelines. It is designed the make the standards and guidelines more efficient for the Agencies to implement and more responsive to the needs of the species. The specific criteria for refining or changing species management are based on the strategies and objectives of the specific categories. The process covers the acquisition, evaluation, and application of new information to move species between categories, remove species from Survey and Manage, add species to Survey and Manage, and develop or revise Management Recommendations, Survey Protocols, and the Strategic Survey Implementation Guide. New information concerning species status or needs, and efficiency of the standards and guidelines, is generated mostly through strategic and pre-disturbance surveys and other implementation experience as done in the past. The Agencies also use a data call, open conference, or other methods of soliciting appropriate new information about the species to help locate new credible information needed for conduct of the Species Review Process. Sources of new information may also include taxa experts, resource specialists, scientists, data from Agency surveys, research, and members of academia and other publics. This information is maintained primarily in the Natural Resource Information System (NRIS) and the Geographic Biotic Observations (GeoBOB) databases of Forest Service and BLM, respectively. Each of the Annual Species Reviews listed below are linked to an introductory letter and are followed by the accompanying documents provided in a bulleted list beneath the original.