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Great Gray Owl Survey Sounds

Great grey owl, Strix nebulosa. Photo by Dave Herr.
Great grey owl, Strix nebulosa. Photo by Dave Herr.

Thanks to the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology for recorded material in Tracks 1-7. Thanks to Eleanor A. Pugh for recorded material in Tracks 8-16.

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Great Gray Owl Broadcast Calls for Pre-Disturbance Surveys

  • Track 1 - Early-Season Sequence  WMA  MP3
  • Track 2 - Late-Season Sequence  WMA  MP3
  • Track 3 - Male Series Hoot  WMA  MP3
  • Track 4 - Female Location Call  WMA  MP3
  • Track 5 - Juvenile Begging  WMA  MP3
  • Track 6 - Nest Chatter  WMA  MP3
  • Track 7 - Agitated Adult Series Hoot  WMA  MP3

Bird Calls that May be Confused with Great Gray Owl Calls; Other Owls You May Encounter During Your Surveys

  • Track 8 - Blue Grouse  WMA  MP3
  • Track 9 - Western Screech Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 10 - Great Horned Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 11 - Northern Pygmy Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 12 - Spotted Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 13 - Barred Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 14 - Northern Saw Whet Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 15 - Flammulated Owl  WMA  MP3
  • Track 16 - Long-Eared Owl  WMA  MP3