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Survey Protocols

Noble polypore, Bridgeoporous nobilissimus.
Noble polypore, Bridgeoporous nobilissimus.

Survey Protocols for surveys prior to habitat-disturbing activities (also known as pre-disturbance surveys) include instructions for locating the Survey and Manage species. The instructions include such information as: likely habitat where the species is of concern, geographical area and substrate where it is typically located, and timing of surveys for successful location, as well as appropriate search and sampling techniques and detailed guidance for identifying the species. Survey Protocol documents identify habitat conditions or locations for most species, but for "uncommon" species, Survey Protocols specify habitats or conditions not needing surveys because "high-priority" sites are not expected to be found there. The Field Guides page may include supplementary information for these Survey Protocols.

Existing Survey Protocols are revised as new information indicates a need. Revised versions of protocols will normally apply to the next projects on which surveys are to be initiated. In some cases they may include a specific effective date, or other language indicating when they are to be applied, depending on when they are issued, what differences there are from the previous version, and the importance of those differences. Below you will find the most up-to-date Survey Protocol documents. The document code listed at the beginning of each line indicates the year the document was released. Many of the documents include links to other attachments. In case those links become invalid over time, PDF versions of the attachments are provided in a bulleted list beneath the original documents.




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Survey Protocol Tools

This section provides information that will assist in implementing the survey protocols above.