GIS Data for RMPs for Western Oregon - FEIS

The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) RMPs for Western Oregon GIS Data pages contain the spatial data of the western Oregon public lands involved in the planning effort. The Data Library allows the user to obtain datasets and metadata via download. Please note that the available data in the links below does not represent the BLM's entire OR/WA Data Library.

The GIS data of the BLM in OR/WA consist of 1) statewide or regional data captured at a scale of 1:100,000 (or smaller) and 2) Framework, or base, data captured at the 1:24,000 scale (or larger) that have been built and maintained by OR/WA BLM or acquired from other entities 3) Data cover mostly BLM-managed lands with some private lands included 4) Data for the RMPs for Western Oregon cover lands included in the planning effort.

Data Downloads

Spatial data are provided in ESRI ArcGIS 10.2 File GeoDatabase format, which is available for download as a compressed WinZip file. All vector data is provided in NAD 1983 UTM zone 10 projection, unless otherwise noted in the Metadata.

Raster data may be provided in GRID format and is also available for download as a compressed WinZip file. Raster data are provided in NAD 1983 UTM zone 10 projection, unless otherwise noted in the Metadata.

Metadata is embedded within each spatial dataset. It is also available to view and to download separately by following the datasets links from the "GIS Download Listing" link below. The data listed in the link below is what the BLM is currently making available for download.

Data Standards

Data standards describe what the data set represents and the attributing scheme for the data. In addition, data standards provide information about how the data relates to other data sets, the geographic relationships (topology), provides information about how the data is published and edited. Data standards represent the road map for data collection and maintenance describing how the data are intended to be captured.

Domains (Valid Values)

Domains identify those values that are permissible in a data attribute that uses codes or standard words to represent the value of that item for an occurrence of data. While domains are described and listed in data standards and metadata, they are somewhat dynamic and can be difficult to keep updated in those documents. Data standards list the valid values in place at the time the data standard was issued but changes to domains are not reflected in those documents. Metadata also lists domains and for those that are small lists, do not change often, and are limited in use to one data set the metadata is kept current. Large domains or those that are used in multiple data sets are difficult to keep current in the metadata so those domains are posted here.

Data Library Contact Information

Contact Phone  
Eric Hiebenthal 503-808-6565 For specific data inquiries or questions regarding ordering data on tape or CD-ROM
Roger Mills 503-808-6340 For general questions about the OR/WA BLM data library and metadata