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Background Documents Oregon/Washington BLM



Background Documents

What is the purpose of the planning effort?

The new Resource Management Plans (RMP) will define new goals, objectives, and management direction for the BLM-administered lands in the western Oregon. The RMPs will result in a different mix of resource protections and resource uses than currently exists. The new RMPs will determine how the BLM will manage BLM-administered lands in western Oregon to meet multiple objectives, including contributing to recovery of threatened and endangered species, to provide clean water, to restore fire adapted ecosystems, to produce a sustainable output of timber products, and provide for recreation opportunities.

Why is the BLM doing this now? What's different from past efforts?

There are several factors that have contributed to BLM's decision to initiate a RMP revision process, including the ongoing litigation associated with the 2008 planning effort, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife's 2011 recovery plan for the northern spotted owl, the 2012 proposed critical habitat for the northern spotted owl, and the underlying Federal Land Policy and Management Act requirement for the ongoing maintenance and revision of land use plans.

Recognizing the contentious nature of forest management in western Oregon, the BLM is interested in exploring new and innovative approaches that address the social, cultural and economic dimensions of forest management.

Are the Secretarial pilot projects going to be part of the new planning effort?

The BLM has recently completed several Pilot Projects intended to fulfill the Secretary of the Interior's direction to apply ecological principles developed by Drs. Norm Johnson and Jerry Franklin, on BLM-administered lands within the Roseburg, Medford, and Coos Bay Districts. The pilots are now completed and information learned from these efforts will help to inform the RMP revision process.

What plan(s) is the BLM revising?

The six western Oregon BLM districts completed RMPs in 1995 that incorporated the land use allocations and Standards and Guidelines from the Northwest Forest Plan. In 2008, the BLM completed RMP revisions for the six western Oregon districts.

Ongoing litigation is seeking to set aside the 2008 Western Oregon RMPs (WOPR). The BLM intends to revise its RMPs notwithstanding the pending litigation. The BLM will continue to manage these lands in accordance with the existing RMPs until the revised RMPs are completed and a Record of Decision is signed.