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Western Oregon Draft RMP/EIS Oregon/Washington BLM



Western Oregon Draft RMP/EIS

BLM is in the process of revising the RMPs for western Oregon. These 2.5 million acres have an important role to the social, economic, and ecological well-being of western Oregon, as well as to the greater American public. On April 24, 2015, the BLM announced the release of the Draft RMP/EIS. The comment period is open for 90 days, until July 23, 2015.

Single Volumes

Volume 1

Vol 1 Presents Chapters 1 and 2, and the first part of Chapter 3. Chapter 1 presents the purpose and need for this RMP revision and the guidance for the development of the action alternatives. Chapter 1 presents a discussion of the major authorizing laws and regulations that affect management of the BLM-administered lands in the planning area. Chapter 2 describes the No Action alternative and the action alternatives that are analyzed in detail, including identification of the preferred alternative. This chapter also discusses alternatives that the BLM considered but did not analyze in detail. Finally, this chapter presents a comparison of the alternatives, including summaries of key features of the alternatives and key impacts of the alternatives. Chapter 3 describes the environment that the RMPs are likely to affect and the environmental consequences of the alternatives. Although many EISs present the affected environment and environmental consequences in separate chapters, the BLM has combined these two topics into this single chapter to provide all of the relevant information on a resource in a single discussion.

Volume 2

Volume 2 presents the second part of Chapter 3, Chapter 4, and an index. Chapter 4 describes the public involvement and collaboration that occurred during the preparation of this Draft RMP/EIS. That collaboration includes government-to-government relationships with tribes, formal cooperators in the planning process, and consultation with other agencies. This chapter also includes a list of staff involved in the RMPs for Western Oregon.

Volume 3

Volume 4

Recreation Management Area Frameworks

Recreation Management Area (RMA) frameworks have been developed for each proposed RMA in the draft Environmental Impact Statement for western Oregon. These frameworks identify the key elements of proposed recreation areas so that the public can have a clear understanding of the targeted recreation activities, experiences, benefits, outcomes, allowable use activities and management actions associated with each area. RMA frameworks are broken out by Districts and can be accessed at the following links.

Western Oregon Recreation Scarcity Analysis

ECONorthwest conducted a recreation scarcity report too better inform the BLM about the current outdoor recreation opportunities in western Oregon and to assess the current demands and scarcity for activity specific recreation within the western Oregon RMP planning area. The report highlights the areas and types of recreation experiencing the greatest scarcity.