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Public Comments

Thanks to all the members of the public, and government officials and agencies who submitted comments on the Draft RMP/EIS during the formal comment period from April 24, 2015-August 21, 2015. The BLM received approximately 4,500 comments from government officials, agencies, and members of the public-thank you for your submissions! The RMP for Western Oregon team is reviewing, assessing, and working on addressing responses to substantive comments. These responses will be published with the Proposed RMP/Final EIS in the spring of 2016.

Although the formal comment period is now closed, you can always send us your thoughts at BLM_OR_RMPs_WesternOregon@blm.gov. Any comments submitted outside the window of the comment period will be read and considered by BLM staff as appropriate.

For more information on the processing of comments received during the formal comment period, you can read the following handout: Formal Comment Period (PDF)

Before including address, phone number, email-address, or any other personal identifying information in your comments, be advised that your entire comment, including personal identifying information, may be made publicly available at any time. While individuals may request that the BLM withhold personal identifying information from public view, the BLM cannot guarantee it will be able to do so. If you wish us to withhold your personal information you must state this prominently at the beginning of your comment. We will make all submissions from organizations or businesses available for public disclosure in their entirety.

Draft RMP/Draft EIS Comments Received

The BLM received multiple requests from private citizens, business representatives, government agencies, and organizations to make the public comments received on the Draft RMP/Draft EIS publically available. In response to these requests, the BLM has posted all comments received during the public comment period for the Draft RMP/Draft EIS in the links below for public review in their entirety. The BLM has organized the comments received into four categories - those received from: State, Tribal, or other Federal Agencies; businesses; organizations; and private individuals. While great efforts were taken to review the categorization for accuracy and completeness, due to the number and variety of comments received, it is possible that comments may have been unintentionally incorrectly organized or omitted in error. Comments submitted from private individuals have had addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personally identifiable information (PII) redacted prior to posting to protect sensitive information.

Please Note: Thousands of comments have been compiled into multiple PDF files with the file size noted. If the file size is too large for your device or location, you may request a DVD by sending an email to BLM_OR_RMPs_WesternOregon@blm.gov.

Individual Comments

Organizational Comments

Business Comments

Agency Comments