Survey and Manage - Protection Buffer Species (FY00) To Plan Maintenance

Oregon State Office
P.O. Box 2965
Portland, Oregon 97208

In Reply Refer to:

1630/1736-PFP (BLM-OR-931/933) P


April 4, 2000

Instruction Memorandum No. OR-2000-049
Expires: 9/30/2001


To: District Managers: Lakeview, Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Coos Bay, and Medford; Area Managers: Klamath Falls and Tillamook
From: Associate State Director
Subject: Change in Survey Schedule for Seven Survey and Manage Fungi


The decision has been made to further delay the effective date by which surveying would be necessary for seven "survey and manage" and protection buffer fungi species until such time as 1) either the decision is made to eliminate or modify survey requirements for these species pursuant to a proposal now being analyzed in a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, or 2) the level of disturbance as described in the October 1998 Environmental Assessment is reached.

Although surveys to the Northwest Forest Plan standard are not feasible, we will mitigate the impact by conducting "single season" surveys. "Single season" Survey Protocols have been developed for these seven species and will be conducted prior to ground-disturbing activities across the range of each species, except that surveys will not be conducted for Sarcosoma mexicana (within the Oregon Coast Range and Oregon Willamette Valley physiographic provinces).

In accordance with 43 CFR, Part 1610.5-4, I find that further delay of surveys for seven species of fungi in the Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Medford, Coos Bay, and Klamath Falls

Resource Management Plans is appropriate and justified. This Memorandum and the supporting attached Findings and Plan Maintenance documents should be attached to the official file copies of the respective District-approved Resource Management Plans.


Signed by
Charles E. Wassinger
Authenticated by
Mary O'Leary
Management Assistant


2 Attachments
1 -  Plan Maintenance Documentation: Decision to Delay the Effective Date for Surveying 7 "Survey and Manage" and Protection Buffer Species (7 pp)
2 - Findings: Related to a proposal to further extend the deadline for surveying 7 species of fungi (10 pp)


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OR-930 - 1
OR-931 (Cheryl McCaffrey) - 1
OR-933 (Eric Stone) - 1
CA-330 (Paul Roush) - 1
CA-930 - 1
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