Survey and Manage - Protection Buffer Species (FY00) To Findings To Attachment 2

Attachment 1

To: Ron Escano
From: Sarah Crim
Date: December 14, 1999

Subject: Acreage Figures for Survey and Manage EA

The enclosed table contains the acreage figures you requested for the Survey and Manage EA. Columns (1) and (2) contain the volume reported for the proposed action in the Survey and Manage EA and the acreage figures associated with these volumes. Columns (3) and (4) contain the actual volume awarded in Fiscal Year 1999 and the acres related to this volume, and the last column contains the "Remaining Acres" which is simply the "FY 1999 Planned Offered Acres" (Column 2) less the "FY 1999 Actual Awarded Acres" (Column 4).

In the Survey and Manage EA, the BLM volume (175 MMBF) is a short log figure. It should be a long log figure to make it comparable to the Forest Service volume figures and to make it consistent with volumes reported in the Northwest Forest Plan. Lyndon Werner from the BLM converted their volume figure reported in the Survey and Manage EA (175 MMBF: short log) to its long log equivalent (144.4 MMBF). All other volume figures for the BLM in the table below are also long log figures.

Column (1) Column (2) Column (3) Column (4) Column (5)
Agency FY 99 Planned
FY 99 Planned 
Offered Acres
FY 99 Actual
FY 99 Actual
Awarded Acres
BLM 144.4 13,462 21.7 3,270 10,192
FS 560 50,910 232.7 28,248 22,662
Total 704.4 64,372 254.4 31,568 32,854


Column (1): Survey and Manage EA. BLM volume of 144.4 MMBF is long log equivalent of the published volume of 175 MMBF.
Column (2): (FS) Column (1) divided by the average MBF/acre derived from FY99 awarded sales; (BLM) Column (1) divided by the average MBF/acre derived from RMP Third Year Evaluation data (Source: Lyndon Werner).
Column (3) and (4): (FS) Data are from FY99 awarded sales documented in File Code 2490: Memo, FY99 Timber Sales-NWFP, Nov. 13, 1999; (BLM) FY99 sales sold/awarded/approved (Source: Lyndon Werner).
Column (5): Column (2) minus Column (4).