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Project: Shale City Meadow Restoration

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: none
Resource Area: Ashland
NEPA #: DOI-BLM-OR-M060-2014-0014-CX  Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 6/17/2014
Summary: In an effort to reduce resource damage and restore meadow habitat, the Ashland Resource Area of the Medford District Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposes to restrict vehicle access to a meadow adjacent to road 38-2E-9.4 (Shale City Spur Road) by blocking access points with boulders, logs and other suitable material. Informational signs would then be installed. The area can be characterized as mixed conifer and hardwoods with a large meadow component. Off-highway vehicle (OHV) use, including mud-bogging when soils are saturated, is occurring within these meadow areas. The result is soil and water quality impacts in the form of erosion, gullies, and possible turbidity and sedimentation into streams. Other impacts include pervasive noxious weed invasion of areas disturbed by OHVs and disturbance to wildlife in an elk management area (Medford District ROD and RMP, 1995, p.48). Work is scheduled to be completed during the summer of 2014.
Public Review Start Date : N/A - Historic
Public Review End Date : N/A - Historic
Contact: Michael
Contact Phone: Derrig
Program Areas: Other