Coos Bay Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Coos Bay Record of Decision

Coos Bay District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas


Manage the use of resources within the designated Squaw Island Wilderness to preserve the undisturbed natural integrity of the area.

Maintain the wilderness character of the Zwagg Island and North Sisters Rocks Wilderness Study Area and the Cherry Creek Instant Study Area to comply with the Bureau's Wilderness Interim Management Policy.

Land Use Allocations

Area Name Wilderness
Squaw Island
Designated 3
Zwagg Island and
North Sisters Rock
Study Area 8
Cherry Creek ISA Study Area 570

See Map 4 for the location of these areas.

Management Actions/Direction

Follow interim management guidelines for wilderness study and instant study areas until decisions are made by Congress. Do not authorize action that would diminish the suitability of these lands as wilderness. Take appropriate actions following Congressional decision.

Revise the approved wilderness management plan for Squaw Island Wilderness to address attainment of Aquatic Conservation Strategy objectives and continue to implement the plan's management actions.