Coos Bay Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Coos Bay Record of Decision

Coos Bay District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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The Planning Area

The Coos Bay District Resource Management Plan (RMP) describes management of approximately 329,700 acres of land in Oregon administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Coos Bay District. Within the planning area there are also approximately 12,150 acres of non-federal land with federal subsurface mineral estate administered by BLM. (Note: Tables in the RMP except for Table 1 show district managed lands total 329,600 acres. These tables are derived from the operations inventory or geographic information system data bases, which do not include approximately 100 acres acquired since the commencement of the planning process.)

Table 1 summarizes BLM-administered land in the planning area by county.

The land is located in western Oregon as shown on Map 1. (All maps are included in the accompanying map packet.) Land status is shown on Map 2. BLM-administered lands are in the portions of the planning area located in the western slopes of the Oregon Coast Range. They are predominately forested with stands of Douglas-fir and drain into a number of different coastal rivers. Population is centered in and near Reedsport, Elkton, Coos Bay/North Bend, Coquille, Myrtle Point, Powers, Bandon, Port Orford, Gold Beach and Brookings.