Coos Bay Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan

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Coos Bay Record of Decision

Coos Bay District Resource Management Plan Table of Contents:

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Acquire access to public lands that assist various programs to meet management objectives.

Land Use Allocations


Management Actions/Direction

Acquire access by obtaining easements, entering into new reciprocal right-of-way agreements, or amending existing reciprocal right-of-way agreements. Condemnation for access will be pursued when necessary.

Acquire perpetual exclusive easements whenever possible to provide for public access and BLM control. Acquire temporary easements or nonexclusive easements, which do not provide for public access, consistent with management objectives and where no public access is needed.

Continue to obtain access across lands of private companies or individuals who are a party (permittee) to existing reciprocal rights-of-way agreements through appropriate agreements. Whenever a willing permittee is identified and it is determined there is a need for public access, negotiations could be started to provide for the acquisition of public access rights.

Emphasize acquisition for public access on major travel routes.