Trip Leaders and Alternate Trip Leaders

January 4, 2021 Update: An online permit is required year-round to boat between Service Creek and Tumwater Falls. Permits to launch between May 1 through July 15 can be obtained on starting March 1 at 7am PT. Permits to launch now through February 28, 2021 are available on this website. The Thirtymile Boat Launch is not accessible by vehicle from Dec 1 - April 15, for the winter closure of Armstrong Canyon Rd.

A trip leader may name one alternate trip leader per launch permit. Either the trip leader or the alternate trip leader must present the printed permit and a picture ID at the launch point, and be present on the entire river trip. Alternate trip leaders must be listed at the time the permit is first reserved.

Each person may be named as either a trip leader or an alternate trip leader on one overnight trip and up to three day-use trips at a time. To be named as a trip leader or an alternate on an additional permit, that person will need to either cancel one permit or complete one river trip.