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John Day River

6/23/17: A wildfire is burning near Spring Basin Wilderness Area, upstream of Clarno. The fire is NOT expected to reach the river bank, but please stay away from helicopters dipping water from the river. An online launch permit is required year-round and available here to boat all sections of the Mainstem downstream of Spray. Permits to boat upstream of Spray are encouraged and available here and at launch points. The number of launch permits issued in 2017 will not be limited, so it is not necessary to obtain your permit until close to your launch date. Once issued, don't forget to confirm your permit between 10 and 30 days prior to your trip. Permit fees are non-refundable.

Invasive Species

The Oregon State Marine Board requires operators of canoes, kayaks, drift boats, inflatable rafts, and other manually powered boats 10 feet or longer to carry an Aquatic Invasive Species prevention permit. Permits are available where fishing licenses are sold. For more information please visit the Oregon State Marine Board.