Oregon Waterway Access Permit

November 17, 2020 Update: An online permit is required to boat between Service Creek and Tumwater Falls. Permits to launch from July 16 - December 31 are available on this website, except for trips on Segment 1A and 1B (Cottonwood to Tumwater Falls) in the Fall (September 1 – November 30), which are available at Recreation.gov. Thirtymile Boat Launch is not accessible by vehicle from Dec 1 - April 15 for the winter closure of Armstrong Canyon Rd.

Notice: Beginning in 2020, the BLM will return to limited permits to boat the Wild and Scenic section of the river (Service Creek to Tumwater Falls) from May 1-July 15.

Waterway Access Permit Exemption: On the John Day River, no Oregon Waterway Access Permit is needed when boating on limited entry segments and dates

When boating outside of limited entry segments and dates, a Waterway Access Permit is required.

The Oregon Waterway Access Permit takes the place of the invasive species permit.  However, if a boater has already paid a fee to boat on a federally designated Wild and Scenic River, they are exempt from carrying a Waterway Access Permit.

For more information about the Waterway Access Permit please visit the Oregon State Marine Board website.