Rules For Using the River Permit Application

March 11, 2021 Update: An online permit is required year-round to boat between Service Creek and Tumwater Falls. ONLINE PERMITS ARE ISSUED ON RECREATION.GOV., AND ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON THIS BLM WEBSITE. This website is still active for trip planning purposes only. Permits for the North Fork of the John Day and from Spray to Kimberly on the Mainstem are self issued paper permits located at the boat ramp kiosks.

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Important Permit Information

  • A permit is issued to launch on a specific date in a specific segment; once issued, dates and segments are not changeable and permit is non-refundable
  • One launch permit is needed per group; maximum group size is 16 persons
  • The Trip Leader or Alternate is required to be present on the entire trip and may be requested to show permit and photo ID during the trip
  • Human waste must be carried out in an approved portable toilet system
  • No wood or charcoal fires are allowed from June 1 to September 30. When allowed, fires must be contained in a metal firepan and all ashes carried out

Privacy Act

The Privacy Act and 43 CFR 2.48(d) require that you be furnished the following information in connection with the information requested by this form.

  • Authority: 43 U.S.C. 1201; 43 CFR Group 2930
  • Principal Purpose: BLM will use your information to determine whether or not to issue you a Special Recreation Permit. BLM will use some of the information to determine your qualifications for the permit and other information to determine the merits of your proposal.
  • Routine Uses: BLM will disclose the information in accordance with the regulations at 43 CFR 2.56(d).
  • Effect of Not Providing Information: Disclosing the information is necessary to receive a benefit. Not disclosing the information may result in BLM rejecting your application.
  • Paperwork Reduction Act: The Paperwork Reduction Act requires us to inform you that the BLM will use the information to determine whether or not to issue you a Special Recreation Permit. Response to this request is required to obtain the benefit of receiving a Special Recreation Permit.

You do not have to respond to this or any other Federal agency-sponsored information collection unless it displays a valid OMB control number.

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