Special Exhibit: Sinners & Saints Oregon/Washington BLM



Special Exhibit: Sinners & Saints

Sinners & Saints
To Have and To Hold
For Better, For Worse
For Richer, For Poorer
In Sickness and in Health
To Love and to Cherish
Special Event at NHOTIC

This exhibit was created to discuss concepts of tolerance and diversity in the 19th century, and to explore timeless topics of survival, family, love and compassion during a time of drastic change, 1830–1870.

These stories are not an all-encompassing representation of pioneer and emigrant behaviors. Rather, they give a sampling of the various experiences of individuals as they crossed the plains and settled into new lives in the West. These "indelicate" stories have been selected to highlight the morals and values of emigrants, early settlers, and original inhabitants of the Columbia Plateau.

By considering these stories as a representation of the hundreds of thousands of people who traveled overland via the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails, this exhibit seeks to portray a populace that reflects the diversity of our country as it is today. We hope you will reflect on the stories presented here in relation to your daily life and that you gain a new understanding of how our past creates our present and our future.

This exhibit was made possible in part by a grant from Oregon Humanities (OH), a statewide nonprofit organization and an independent affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities, which funds OH's grant program. Any views, findings, and conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this exhibition and website do not necessarily reflect the views of Oregon Humanities or the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Additional support for this exhibit provided by Trail Tenders, Inc., a partner organization of the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, and the Baker County Cultural Coalition—investing in Oregon's arts, humanities, and heritage.