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Flagstaff Gallery

Special exhibits are presented in the Flagstaff Gallery to explore a variety of themes related to the Oregon Trail, westward migration, and settlement.

2016 Special Exhibit Schedule

Special Event at NHOTIC

Wagons Ho! Experience the Oregon Trail
February 11-July 4, 2016

This popular hands-on exhibit returns! Test your pioneering skills by packing a full-scale replica wagon and see what you look like in a pioneer's clothes. Spin the wheel of fortune and see how you would fare by walking the Oregon Trail. Write some pioneer poetry; find out what wildlife you might have seen along the way. An interactive experience for visitors of all ages.

The Native Landscape: Plants and Pollinators of the Northwest
July 19-December 11, 2016

Special Event at NHOTIC

Discover the role native plants and pollinators play in a balanced ecosystem. Learn about modern and traditional uses of native plants, and how you can help keep the environment healthy for flora and fauna.

Past Exhibits

Cargo for a Continental Crossing
July 16-October 13, 2015

Special Event at NHOTIC

What necessities and luxuries, treasures and trash did the pioneers bring with them across the plains? This exhibit will explore clothing, cookware, tools, equipment, recreational items, furnishings, and other material culture of the mid-1800s westward trek, and investigate the why and what of their choices.

Special Event at NHOTIC

Find the full text and audio from the 2013 special exhibit here.