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The BLM is responsible for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the West, including forests and rangelands, beaches, and mountains across more than 15 million acres in Oregon and over 400,000 acres in Washington. These Public Lands include more than 800 miles of wild and scenic rivers, hundreds of camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting opportunities and a landscape of varied plants and ecosystems for you to simply go explore. In addition to a wide variety of Public Lands choices, we also have a significant number of online services to choose from. Our online offerings include genealogical information, maps, GIS data, recreation permits and brochures, and a whole host of other items that'll help you become familiar with the BLM.

The BLM's Public Room has available for sale a wide range of publications, maps, aerial photographs, books, and children's activities both online and in person! For many of these marvelous maps, head on over to the BLM's mapping page:


Pick out the kind of map you want and follow the "Purchase Online" link to buy your map!

Many of these items can also be purchased by contacting the Public Room directly:

Phone: (503) 808-6008
Fax: (503) 808-6422
Email: BLM_OR_SO_Land_Office_Mail@blm.gov