We're an American Band Oregon/Washington BLM



We're an American Band

One of the BLM's resident musicians takes his show on the road to perform for the Inauguration of President Obama.

The True Story of Corey Plank as told to Matt Christenson
photos by Cynthia Plank

So Corey, did you come to the President's town to help him "party down?" Corey nods his head. "I guess so," he laughs. "And the Pentagon was our 'Green Room.'"

At the Bureau of Land Management, folks probably know Corey Plank best as a Cartographer. A maker of maps. And that's fine because that's who he is. Well, one aspect of who he is.

Corey is also a maker of Rock. Rock with a capital "R" and that rhymes with "car", like a 1971 Plymouth Hemi-Cuda blasting Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven.

Can it get more rock 'n' roll than that? Oh yes...

Because Corey swings a true metal instrument as one of the members of a marching band. Sure, Zeppelin's okay, but is there anything more heavy or metal than the serious weight of a brass tuba? You know there isn't.

"Um, I don't play the tuba," Corey interrupts me. "I play the baritone horn. It's more like a baby tuba."

We're an American Band
photo by Cynthia Plank

Sure, mate. (Diva musicians...)

If success has gone to his head, it's because Corey plays a mean baritone horn ("mini tuba") for the Get A Life Marching Band, one of Portland, Oregon's premiere adult outfits of the kind.

If you're unfamiliar with adult marching bands, they're often a group of former high school and college band musicians who get together to continue their love for music and performing.

In fact, the Get A Life Marching Band performs up to 30 times a year traveling everywhere from San Franciso for the Chinese New Year Parade to Florida for the Walt Disney World Parade to, well, the White House for the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States.