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The Story Board Oregon/Washington BLM



The Story Board

From lush green forests at the coast to mountains and prairies in the east, the BLM manages about 25% of Oregon. The Story Board presents just a few of the amazing adventures happening on your public lands.

Hog Heaven

Plot: Harley-Davidson selects one of the most beautiful destinations in Oregon to serve as the backdrop for their 2015 line of motorcycles.

Hog Heaven
illustration by Matt Christenson

Location: Yaquina Head Lighthouse on the central Oregon coast.

Action: Owners of touring motorcycles like beautiful coastal highways and historic lighthouses, right? That's what Harley-Davidson was thinking when they chose BLM Oregon's Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area as a backdrop for a photo shoot last year. The noteworthy photo above features the American company's latest black and orange cruiser parked in front of Oregon's tallest lighthouse with a gorgeous, multi-layered coastal sunset in the background.

Natural Medicine

Plot: Public Lands provide free and cheap medicinals.

Location: Oregon & Washington.

Action: Got a tummyache? Keep things moving with cascara bark, a natural laxative. How about that persistent cough? Try cherry bark extract. In fact, almost everything your naturopath prescribes can be picked for free from public lands. (We can even heal a broken heart. Our prescription? A bouquet of hand-picked wildflowers.)

Take a Hike!

photo courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures

Plot: Chimney Rock Trail in central Oregon offers year-round solitude and beauty to hikers of all skill levels.

Location: About 35 miles east of Bend, Oregon.

Action: Chimney Rock is a 2.6 mile hike that is free and open all year. Dhyana Kearly, who runs the "Hiking Central Oregon" blog, shared that she's a regular visitor for the stunning views and fresh air. Plus the light is just right for photos. Plan your trip to Chimey Rock at http://on.doi.gov/1pNev3S


Plot: An Academy Award-winning actress films on Oregon's public lands.

Location: The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, which goes from Mexico to Canada.

Action: Reese Witherspoon and the director of the "Dallas Buyers Club" came here to film "Wild," a movie about a woman who walks 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail...solo. The movie recently opened so keep an eye out for Oregon landmarks!

The List

The List

BLM timber harvested in 2013: 211 million board feet

Number of average size homes that wood can build: 13,354 (1)

Oregon state mushroom: the golden chanterelle

Pounds of mushrooms harvested from BLM Oregon in 2013: More than 350,000

Cups of cream of chanterelle soup those mushrooms could make: 2,100,000 (2)

Number of wild horses in Oregon in 1974: 2,100 (3)

Number of wild horses in Oregon in 2013: 3,904

Estimated number of wild horses on all BLM-managed lands: 40,815

Total acres of Oregon's Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument: 54,000

Total acres of Washington state's San Juan Islands National Monument: 1,000

Number of islands, rocks and outcroppings that comprise those 1,000 acres: 450

Number of Oregon Christmas trees harvested in 2013: 6.4 million (4)

Estimated wholesale value: $110 million

Cost of a BLM Oregon Christmas tree permit: $5

References: (1) U.S. Census Bureau, Associated Oregon Loggers, Inc. (2) ForagerChef.com (3) The New York Times, Sept. 21, 1974, "U.S. Begins Roundup of Wild Horses in West as Their Population Grows" (4) Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association Also includes recent data from "BLM Facts 2013"