'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky Oregon/Washington BLM



'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

Managing the public air from a glider, 1,000 feet up...

story by Matt Christenson
photo by John Craig

You know the BLM manages the public land, but what about the public air? Here at Woodrat Mountain near Medford, Oregon, high-flying adventure-seekers step off a cliff 1,000 feet above the ground with nothing but a glider strapped to their back.

Want to try this for yourself? Yeah! But there's probably some training you should take first. And then you need equipment. Hmm... Hey, why not watch our video first?

We placed a helmet camera on an experienced hang glider to share the first-person experience with everyone. You'll see the same thing our pilot sees as you (virtually) join him on a ride through the ether.

And speaking of videos, they're not limited to hang gliding. The BLM in Oregon has more videos at our YouTube™ page than any other state in the agency. And we add a brand new one every Monday - with many of our shorts accompanying stories right here in Northwest Passage.

So... Are you ready to step off the ledge and see what gliding from 1000 feet off the ground looks like? It's at blm.gov/p25c.

See you up there!