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Issue 1
My Public Lands

The Bureau of Land Management Magazine


Your Passport to America's Great Outdoors

A Cariboon For Caribou

Public lands in Alaska are home to more than half of the nation's caribou.

Blazing a new Oregon Trail

Get radical! Go wheels down on the BLM's world-class mountain bike trails built with help from local riders.

American Hustle

In 1914 near Cripple Creek, Colorado, a group of miners discovered a hidden chamber - with walls of gold.

Midnight Mustang

A river run down Utah's Desolation Canyon turns into a magical meeting with a wild mustang.

Surf's Up

Spectacular scenery sings the siren's song to summer travelers along the California coast.

Don't Bug Montana

Big Timber, Montana, is back on track after the BLM and its neighbors successfully defend against a mountain pine beetle infestation.

Hunting the River

America's super secret spies hunted German WWII U-boats from this vintage lighthouse on the Florida coast.

Home for 150 Years

Nevadans share some favorite memories of their first 150 years of statehood.

Walking with Giants

Follow 167-million-year-old dinosaur tracks in the ancient ocean shores of...Wyoming?

Welcome to the Big House

In the remote high deserts of New Mexico, modern-day Indiana Joneses are building a bridge to our past.

Wild Water Conservation

The Snake River in Idaho is being carefully conserved for future generations.

Welcome to the Big House

Visit Arizona's historic Sanchez Civilian Conservation Corps Camp that helped the country through the Great Depression.