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Students and instructor radio tagging a baby northern spotted owl
Frank attaching radio transmitter while Joanne holds the baby Northern Spotted Owl.

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP)

This component offers valuable work experience directly related to academic field of study. It provides formal periods of work and study while the student attends school.

This is an excepted appointment . Students appointed in this program are treated like permanent employees for most purposes.

Student may be converted to a term, career-conditional or career appointment within 120 days of graduation. Student must fulfill the 640 hour work requirement for conversion. There is no entitlement to a continuing position after graduation.

EO 13024 authorizes noncompetitive conversion of SCEP to term appointment in the competitive service. Before the term appointment expires, the agency may noncompetitively convert the term appointment to career or career conditional appointment.

How to Apply:

  1. Obtain proof of enrollment as a half-time student. High school students must submit a copy of class schedule or letter from school verifying status. College students must provide a current schedule or college transcript, and a letter verifying enrollment for next term.
  2. Fill out the Student Educational Employment Program Supplemental Sheet (PDF) for the SCEP and STEP programs.
  3. Submit application materials to: Bureau of Land Management, ATTN: Alina Malray (OR953), P.O. Box 2965, Portland, OR 97208; by fax at 503-808-6453; or by email at: BLM_OR_SO_953_Mail@blm.gov.

*See specific vacancy announcement for other application requirements, if any.


  1. Earn leave and holiday benefits.
  2. Eligible for retirement and insurance benefits.
  3. Eligible for tuition assistance.


  1. Student must be at least 16 years of age (no maximum age limitation).
  2. Student must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment as a degree seeking student.
  3. Student must be U.S. citizen. Lawfully admitted noncitizen may be considered subject to the Bureau's authority to pay noncitizen under the annual appropriations act ban and any agency specific enabling and appropriation statutes.
  4. Student must be enrolled with at least a half-time academic or vocational or technical courseload in an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, 2 or 4 year college or university, graduate or professional school. You must submit a statement from the school indicating what it considers "half-time" to be in quarter or semester hours.
  5. While employed student must continue to maintain acceptable school standing (GPA may not fall below a 2.5), although he/she need not attend school during the summer.
  6. Employment may be part-time or full-time based on what the supervisor is requesting for a particular position. The only limitation is that the student's workload may not interfere with the student's academic schedule.

Work Schedule:

Student, school and BLM will agree on the work schedule. However, work schedule should not interfere with academic schedule. The following options are possible:

  • Part-time work and concurrent school attendance.
  • Full-time work, which may include only summers.
  • A combination of part- and full-time work.

"Breaks in program" are permitted.

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BLM is an equal opportunity employer.