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C. Albert White Publications Oregon/Washington BLM



C. Albert White Publications

Landslide Report

C. Albert White began his career with the General Land Office in 1946. He has worked on surveying crews in the Dakotas, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, and Oregon, gathering memories and momentos as the years progressed. He is recognized by many in his field as a true expert in cadastral surveying history.

Al has been "retired" from the BLM since 1983, but one would never know it. He spends at least two days a week working as a volunteer in the Cadastral Surveying section, where he continues to be a wealth of knowledge and humor. Al has been an instructor for many surveying courses, as well as a speaker at numerous professional association conferences and meetings.

The Landslide Report (PDF) is an in-depth look at man-made and natural movement of the earth, and the surveying problems that this movement presents.

Al's first book, "History of the Rectangular Surveying System," published in 1983, is a definitive look at the history of surveying in the United States, from the most famous surveyor, Thomas Jefferson, to present day. He paints a picture of the difficulties encountered by the pioneers of the modern-day rectangular survey system, as well as an insight to reconstructing those old surveys today. This book is available in hardbound edition from the OSO Land Office, 503-808-6001, located on the first floor of the Robert Duncan Plaza building at 333 SW 1st Avenue, Portland, OR, at a price of $54.

The second book written by Mr. White, "Initial Points," published in November 1996, is an in-depth look at the points across the United States where the original surveys began. It includes many photographs, as well as the history of establishing these "initial points" of our rectangular survey system, nearly all of which Al visited himself. This masterpiece is available at a price of $89 (quantity discounts available) from:

    Initial Points
    c/o The Publishing House
    P.O. Box 215
    Westminster, CO 80030
    Phone: 303-428-9529
    Fax: 303-430-1676

Al's third book, "A Casebook of Oregon Land Claims," released in December 2001, is the most important study of Donation Land Claims ever put together.  This book explores the nuances of the original surveys, retracements, restorations, and pertinent court cases.  This is a MUST for any surveyor practicing in a DLC state.  It costs $52 (quantity discounts available); please see the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon website for details.