Technical Advice Requests

Manual of Surveying Instructions

This office of the BLM can provide technical advice to private surveyors conducting cadastral surveys in Oregon and Washington. BLM technical advice is derived from the guidelines of the 1973 Manual of Surveying Instructions, local and national policy, case law, officially approved surveys, and/or past correspondence of a similar nature. Questions involving minor issues not requiring research can usually be answered over the telephone. However, any BLM answers of this nature will be considered unofficial. Written responses from the BLM will only be issued if a request is in writing. Written requests should be addressed to:

    Chief, Branch of Geographic Sciences (957)
    P.O. Box 2965
    Portland, Oregon 97208
    E-mail: Mary_Hartel@or.blm.gov

Questions involving more complex issues such as survey procedure or bona fide rights should always be presented in writing. Written responses can be considered the official position of this BLM office but will be based solely on the information provided; consequently, it is important that written requests contain all pertinent information such as retracement data, existing control corners, affected previous private surveys, and land use lines. BLM written responses can usually be issued within two weeks of receiving a request.