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Geographic Coordinate Database -- CAVEAT Oregon/Washington BLM



Geographic Coordinate Database -- CAVEAT

Public Land Survey System grid

The geographic coordinates, and their by-products, were generated from either Public Land Survey System Coordinate Computational Software (PCCS) or Geographic Measurement Management (GMM) software, using official Public Land Survey System (PLSS) records (and, when deemed necessary, State, County, and private survey records) or digitized coordinates from various cartographic and photographic products. Except where a corner monument has been used as a first or second order control point and the results are of public record, the coordinate values used by GCDB are established with varying reliability based on the source material and method of data input. These coordinate values will be updated as better data and methodology are available. Graphic representations using these values depict the most probable township configuration and may change as a result of such updates.

The geographic coordinates and their associated products have NO legal significance. They should be used for record keeping, mapping, graphics, and planning purposes only.

No warranty is made by the Bureau of Land Management for use of the data for purposes not intended by BLM.