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Oregon / Washington

Cadastral Returns and Macros (CRAM)

CRAM is a group of macros developed for use in constructing survey field notes with Microsoft Word XP. These macros are referenced specifically to Oregon and Washington, use for other states will require some small modifications to account for state and meridian names, as well as some spacing if there are triple-digits in the Tp. or Rg.

CRAM 5.1

  • CRAM 5.1 are for the creation of line running field notes for a Cadastral Survey.
  • Download the CRAM5.1.ZIP (1.2MB)

CRAM 6.1

  • CRAM 6.1 are for the creation of corner description only field notes for a Cadastral Survey.
  • Download the CRAM6.1.ZIP (1.2MB)

Create a directory on your C drive called CRAM5 or CRAM6; put the attached CRAM.zip file in the directory and unzip it. Open the ReadMe.doc file in the cram directory; read through the documentation before you start.

Any recommendations you have for improving CRAM are appreciated; you can e-mail your comments to Rick Tawney at rtawney@or.blm.gov, or phone at (503)808-6304.

Feel free to share and edit these macros.