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  • Each feature class or feature dataset is in Geographic (GCS) NAD83 unless otherwise noted


MINSTIP_POLY: This dataset applies to BLM-administered lands containing valuable minerals and categorized in the U.S Code of Federal Regulations or by official U.S. Department of Interior policy as Open, Closed, or Restricted to mining or leasing. And it further labels restrictions, if any, by type (e.g., seasonal, no surface occupancy, etc.). Restrictions are formalized by use of "Mineral Stipulations" as determined through the Land Use Planning Process and defined in the resultant Resource Management Plan (RMP). In addition, informal BLM email communication between Tim Barnes (OR 936.2) and Jim Perry (WO 310), dated August 9, 2013, concluded, by reference to WO IM No. 2012-044, "BLM National Greater Sage-Grouse Land Use Planning Strategy", that RMPs developed after 2013 should also apply mineral stipulations to split estate lands (BLM subsurface jurisdiction but non-BLM surface). The three categories of minerals covered under Minerals Stipulations are: Locatable, generally the metallic and industrial minerals (subject to the General Mining Law of 1872, as amended); Leasable, generally fluid minerals (oil and gas and geothermal resources) and certain other minerals (subject to the various Mineral Leasing Acts); and Salable, generally sand and gravel (subject to mineral materials disposed of under the Materials Act of 1947, as amended). For locatable minerals, the stipulation choices for an area might be "Withdrawn" if it is withdrawn from mineral entry or "OpenWSA" if the area is open to mining claim location subject to Wilderness Study Area (WSA) Non-impairment criteria or "Open". The stipulations choices for salable minerals are "Open" (available for mineral materials), "OpenCSU" if the area is open but with (Conditional Surface Use) special seasonal or other stipulations such as buffer zones around sage-grouse leks or archeological sites, or "Closed" (not available for mineral materials). The stipulation choices for leasable minerals are "NoLease" if the area is withdrawn or otherwise not available for leasing, "OpenCSU" if the area is open but with (Conditional Surface Use) special seasonal or other stipulations such as buffer zones around sage-grouse leks or archaeological sites, "OpenNSO" if the area is open but with No Surface Occupancy allowed or simply "Open" with standard stipulations. For a complete description of this data consult the Mineral Stipulations Areas Spatial Data Standard. http://www.blm.gov/or/datamanagement/index.php


This dataset is used for depicting the areas of different Minerals Restrictions and Stipulations on maps and for overlaying in GIS with other data themes to determine feasibility and impact of project proposals. The DSG_REASON attribute provides information about why a particular area received the classification it did.

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July 13th, 2017