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  BLM OR Visual Resource Management Publication Polygon

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  • Each feature class or feature dataset is in Geographic (GCS) NAD83 unless otherwise noted


VRM_POLY: Visual Resources are a landscape characteristic and evaluated using a baseline of the natural, unaltered landscape. Visual Resource Inventory (VRI) is the evaluation of an area for its visual potential based on several criteria. Visual Resource Management (VRM) is the classification of lands for the management of visual resources as defined in a Resource Management Plan (RMP). The VRI applies ratings to the landscape for Scenic Quality (visual appeal), Sensitivity Level (measure of public concern for scenic quality), and Distance Zones (three zones based on relative visibility from travel routes or observation points). These three values are combined and areas (polygons) delineated according to the final VRI class. VRM starts with the underlying VRI and overlays it with areas of disturbance as well as areas of protection or restriction. Final management class ratings are based on the degree to which each area is either allowed to depart or has already departed from the natural landscape condition. VRM Proposed (VRM_P) is VRM prior to the signing of the RMP. It is identical to VRM except that it will probably have different final class ratings for the different RMP alternatives. This data is subject to a data standard, Visual Resources Spatial Data Standard. http://www.blm.gov/or/datamanagement/index.php


Resource management planning, characterization and management of scenic/visual quality.

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Windows 10; ESRI Arc Catalog 10.4


April 16th, 2019

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