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  BLM OR Known Spotted Owl Activity Centers Oregon Polygon

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KOAC_POLY: This theme maps Late-Successional Reserves associated with known (as of January 1, 1994) spotted owl activity centers in Matrix and Adaptive Management Areas. The criteria for mapping these areas are identified on pages C-10 and C-11 of the Northwest Forest Plan Standards and Guidelines (See supplemental Info.). Supplemental direction to the administrative units in BLM IM OR-2003-001 directed the designation of the 100-acre areas by delineating the stand of trees containing the center of activity as identified in the Spotted Owl Database and additional Habitat 1 or 2 in the vicinity until approximately 100 acres were delineated. If there was insufficient Habitat 1 or 2 to meet the acreage target, then the next best quality habitat was delineated; selecting from stands that exceed 50 years of age. With some exceptions, habitat acres were selected within 3/8-mile of the activity center. If 100 acres were not available within this distance, then only that habitat that was available within the 3/8-mile was delineated. The center of activity did not need to be located in the geometric center of the delineated area. Landscape features such as roads, ridge tops, and streams were used to define the boundaries of the 100-acre areas. Known Owl Activity Centers that included any General Forest Management Areas, Connectivity/Diversity Blocks, and/or Adaptive Management Areas were mapped completely, even if they partially included an area in an LSR, Congressionally Reserved, and/or AMR. Centers which were totally encompassed within LUA theme categories Congressional Reserved, LSRs, and/or AMR were not delineated for this theme.


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April 13th, 2018

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