Wind Energy Development Challenges & Opportunities Map


The Wind Energy Development Challenges & Opportunities map displays potential wind energy development information and key regional natural resource information in eastern Oregon. The BLM is providing these maps to encourage dialogue and facilitate collaborative approaches in the planning and siting of infrastructure projects on public lands, and to help address potential concerns associated with the expanding interest in energy and electrical transmission development in eastern Oregon.

wind energy

The "Challenges & Opportunities" map is not a decision document, nor a policy document. The map identifies, at a regional scale, natural resource issues of importance such as Greater Sage-grouse habitat areas, Pygmy rabbit habitat areas, historical Golden Eagle nest locations, and Mule deer winter range areas and the juxtaposition of those areas with wind power potential lands in eastern Oregon. The map provides the public and energy development proponents a better understanding of potential complexity within a given area. The map is not comprehensive, as many other issues, such as resource management plan decisions, habitat for certain rare species, cultural resource sites and others, can only be appropriately identified at the site specific levels.

The map and the accompanying layers will change as new data and information become available. Several layers are considered to be "draft" pending further review and approval. The draft layers provide the public with the best information available at this time.

energy map

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