Web Access thru DOI VPN (Juniper Client) and a High Speed Internet Connection


  • User turns on the laptop and logs into the network normally to create local login credentials before leaving the office. This step is critical to using the Juniper client away from the office.


  • User boots up the laptop without the high speed Internet cable connected to the laptop then logs in with their cached credentials.
  • User plugs in the high speed Internet cable.
  • User starts Internet Explorer and manually enters in https://access.doi.gov/blm
  • The Bureau of Land Management Remote Access login screen will appear.
  • User inserts their Department of the Interior identification badge into the card reader slot of the laptop.
  • User clicks on the "Connect" button for the "DOI Access Card" section of the screen.
  • User enters in their PIN# associated with their DOI card.
  • A "Please wait…" screen is displayed. After a few moments a Client Application Sessions section of the screen appears with a listing below it named Network Connect. Note: If this is the first time the laptop has been used to connect to the BLM network using the Juniper client, the login process will be delayed about one minute while Juniper software is upgraded.
  • User should minimize the Client Application Sessions screen.
  • User is now logged into the BLM network.