Vale BLM Fire Center

Vale OR Wildland Fire Suppression Team Logo

Protection for the Districtís 5.1 million acres is provided by 17 engines and a Tactical Tender located at seven guard stations throughout the district: Baker, Burns Junction, Jordan Valley, Juntura, Snake River, Unity, and Vale. The district also hosts an exclusive use Air Attack plane and helicopter with a helitack crew of nine people from June to October.

Primary fire is caused by lighting. Fires are scattered fairly evenly across the District. The carrier is grass and sage which tends to produce fast moving, moderate intensity fires. The highest occurrence is primarily June through August. The latter part of July through September can have fairly dry periods, during which significant fire activity can occur.

Vale is the home of Vale Hotshots, a Type 1 Interagency Hotshot Crew, which, when not assisting National needs, provide support for initial attack on the District.

Vale is also the Home of the Snake River Valley (SRV) Fire Program, which for 36 years has provided the largest trained group of Type 2 crews.