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Turn Point Barn Re-roofing


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Decision Record OR-134-2010-CX-0003 Planning Completed
Perform routine maintenance by replacing deteriorating roof of the Historic Turn Point Barn with approved roofing materials which will comply with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation and provide long-term protection and stability of the historic structure.Any party that is adversely affected and determined to be a party to the case, may appeal the implementation of the proposed action to the Interior Board of Land Appeals, Office of the Secretary, in accordance with the regulations contained in 43 CFR Part 4. A notice of appeal must be filed in the Spokane District Office, 1103 N. Fancher Road, Spokane Valley, Washington 99212-1275 within 30 days of receipt of this decision. The appellant has the burden of showing that the decision is in error. An appellant may also file a petition for a stay (suspension) of this decision during the time that the appeal is being reviewed by the Board pursuant to Part 4, Subpart B, 43 CFR Part 4.21. For furthe information please see the Decision Record and accompanying Categorical Exclusion (CX) documentation.
Spokane District Office
(509) 536-1200
Resource Area: Wenatchee
Program Areas: Recreation, Cultural, Lands/Realty
Download: Turn_Point_Barn_CX_DR_Web.pdf
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