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Eastern Washington Management Plan Overview/Timeline Oregon/Washington BLM



Eastern Washington Management Plan Overview/Timeline

What is a Resource Management Plan?

The BLMís land use plans are called Resource Management Plans (RMPs). The planning decisions contained in an RMP are the basis for every on-the-ground action the BLM undertakes. An RMP ensures that the public lands are managed in accordance with the intent of Congress as stated in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA, 43 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.), under the principles of multiple use and sustained yield. As required by FLPMA and BLM policy, the public lands must be managed in a manner that protects the quality of scientific, scenic, historical, ecological, environmental, air and atmospheric, water resource, and archaeological values; that, where appropriate, will preserve and protect certain public lands in their natural condition; that will provide food and habitat for fish and wildlife and domestic animals; that will provide for outdoor recreation and human occupancy and use; and that recognizes the Nationís need for domestic sources of minerals, food, timber, and fiber from the public lands by encouraging collaboration and public participation throughout the planning process. Land use plans are one of the primary mechanisms for guiding BLM activities to achieve the mission and goals outlined in the Department of the Interior (DOI) Strategic Plan.

Eastern Washington Management Plan Timeline

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How Will the Public Be Involved?

The BLM will invite the public to participate in this planning process. We plan to maximize outreach efforts by sharing information and asking for input through participation in meetings of local community organizations, through formal public meetings and comment periods, and through multiple media outlets. Key opportunities for participation will occur at several points in the planning process: Prior to Formal Scoping; Formal Scoping Period; Alternative Development; Draft RMP Review Period; and finally during the Proposed RMP/Final EIS Protest and Comment Period.