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Fuels Management

The Spokane District Fuels Management Program is involved in a broad spectrum of fuels activities across Eastern Washington. The unique thing about the program is that fuels projects can involve varied environments from high elevation mixed conifer to low elevation shrub-steppe. Also, the majority of these lands have urban development nearby (wildland-urban interface). The diversity of our lands allow for opportunities for collaboration with federal, state and local communities with joint efforts that incorporate resource staff within the Spokane District.

Northwest Youth Corps members clear brush off private property
Northwest Youth Corps members clear
brush off private property

Every year a Fuels Technician and seasonal fuels staff undertake numerous fuels projects which include monitoring, contract oversight, prescribed fire implementation, and suppression activities. Another big component for the Fuels Management Program is Community Assistance which involves communicating to the public the importance of reducing or mitigating wildfires and the impacts to surrounding communities. In addition, the BLM sponsors the Northwest Youth Corps providing valuable work experience and giving youth the opportunity to work with private land and homeowners to create defensible area that help protect property and lives.