PAC Meeting
July 22, 2004
Hallmark Resort
Newport, Oregon

Attendees: Joni Quarnstrom, Al Brown, Kevin Martin, Denis Williamson, Randy Gauld, Betty Jean Keele, Lee Folliard, Rennie Ferris, Johnny Sundstrom, Rosemary Furfey, Dick Powell, Julia Dougan, Mike Kennedy, Katrina Symons, Joe Rasher

Payments to Counties Update:

Denis Williamson – RAC, 9 of 11 counties participated this year. All the projects are on the Salem BLM Website if you want more information.

Kevin Martin – Siuslaw RAC, team works well together, 6 counties, Benton County put money in this year. We try to spend the counties money in their county. Projects include, restoration, thinning, etc, on the website you can find all projects.

All RAC members but one reapplied for membership. Projects are due to the RO 7/22/04.

Julia Dougan – Secure rule schools all projects to date (on blue sheet). Eugene BLM, Big variety of projects lane county work camp correctional crews, restoration, weed management, RAC is struggling on what projects they should do, soliciting for new members, having trouble filling the positions. Biggest fear is what is the future for the Secure Rural Schools?, (find applications for PAC).

Johnny Sundstrom – funding for the correctional crews takes away from the private sector.

Al Brown – Monitoring Field Trip Update

(Get information from the handout).

Good turnout, there was about 22 folks that attended. South Jetty for prescribed burn, toured recent burns along the south jetty, Dunes overlook, site where the National Guard burned a couple years ago. The second day we visited the Five Rivers meadow Maintenance Burn Project, old homestead in an LSR, Riparian Reserve surrounded by private residence. We had great discussions.

Julia Dougan & Denis Williamson – BLM RMP Revision

Resource Management Plan, (handout)

Starting the public scooping period, contingent on funding tentative dates.

Analysis for the management situation we are starting this process, for example the culverts. During the AMS public comments.

During the scoping part is where we will probably get the PAC involved.

BLM and FS need to be engaged in the transportation issues during the revision. PAC members need to know that if they want to be involved with the planning process they need to let us know.

Rennie – Why weren’t we informed about the OHV draft input? We need to be included in the front end of the process. How come it hasn’t been brought up in our PAC.

Rennie Ferris – Subcommittee Updates Socio-economic

PAC is still trying to determine what to work on. Special Forest Products, Noxious Weeds, Grant finding training Session. We need to find ways to get monies into the local communities. Grateful for the RACs for putting dollars toward the noxious weed program. Dan Segotta has put a lot of work into the not weed program. We can now go down to water edge with a little device to treat noxious weed stem. We don’t have to worry about the wind or rain, the effectiveness is supposed to be better than 90%, I have contracted with the district and we are hoping it will be effective. There will be monitoring of the progress.

Grant-finding training session –

Johnny Sundstrom - Small Dimensional timber coming off the forest, the opportunity we need to find a way that the federal agency can provide the local community to deal with this supply. We need more than one year to take to the bank. Right now the last mill has closed in Mapleton. I don’t know where to go with this problem but I would like to hand it off to the socioeconomic committee.

Betty Jean Keele – Subcommittee Update Trails

We need an okay from this PAC to expand membership of subcommittee of all 3-trail user groups. The PAC members were okay with there expansion.

Trails – Next meeting will be August 4, Siuslaw SO. The meetings will be the first Monday of every month.

The final document that the state will have is December 2004.

October Meeting Agenda:

-Stewardship Field Trip invite the PAC in Sept. Joni will be sending out the information.

-Forest Service Policies before they go out to the public

-BLM RMP fuller discussion

-Special Forest Products

-BLM thinning – off hwy 34, LSR thinning in older timber

-NW Forest Plan review team, share results of the review. Fire Fuels

-Ted Lorenson-State Forester and Gordy Reeves-PNW, how forest is managed and rules

-Field trip fire, Eugene BLM burns, Siuslaw river fire, what we may face in this province.

-Special Forest Product – Bill Otawn RO, mushroom gathering etc. in the Asian communities.

Round Robin:

Mike Kennedy- invite annual pow-wow Aug 13, 14 15 in Siletz 6:00pm, Saturday parade in the morning, pow-wow @ 12:00

Dick Powell- Ziback last month appreciate it. (handout) follows what Ziback says. If you don’t use the forest you lose the forest.

Rennie Ferris- Restoration project, a lot of vexar, herbicide treatment do the right thing and feel good about it. We need to continue find a better balance if were not going to use herbicide.

Rosemary Furfey- NOAA fisheries endangered species acts Oregon coast Coho is in the threatened public comment, proposed hatchery listing. Critical habitat conservation this summary. Big policy Oregon coastal implanting Oregon plan, results will move into Oregon coast Coho recovery plan. Broader policy issues on recovery plan.

Betty Jean Keele- question changes to proposed restriction to snowy plover, what are they? Can take dogs if they are on a leash, can use sight until the plover uses the area. Plan to drop the permit for horse use.

Kevin Martin- Governor have 7 road less areas associated with the Siuslaw it isn’t going to change in our management it will be on the website. A lot of attention with the stewardship group, high intense level. New deputy district ranger on south zone, Bill Blackwell. Haven’t had a lot of fires in Oregon but we are sending crews out. Starting to rotate teams, our type II team

Julia Dougan- upper Siuslaw record of decision has been signed will start in fy05; hope we will not have to do additional EIS. Lake creek financial management it is an incredible place to be finalized. Entered in to a contract with lane county deputy to patrol our sites. Meeting with tourism lane county regarding big events like bike races, etc so we can host meeting with those promoters they know our processes and the permittees working together to bring benefits to the communities.

Denis Williamson- Dana Shouffer went to Burns, hire brad Keller field manager for Tillamook, Katrina field manager in Medford, there will be two vacancies. Park near mill city doing major contract work.

Lee Folliard- 5yr review on owl murrelet dealing with region issues, coming up on things like lamp ray, sage grouse issues. Lamp Rey could come to the north coast. Our agency is trying to look at science, spent a month working for BLM on the Marys peak area the federal agency is doing creative things.

Johnny Sundstrom- in a meeting last week primarily dealt with drought, water rights, Rocky Crk reservoir proposal. Coastal Coho meeting how it is delivered and how it gets presented across the states. Review and audit of the Oregon plan all these things will effect the state and partners. Hosted the IAC group, it was an Siuslaw river basin partnership once again finalist in the Riverprize Australia. We are in competition with three other rivers. Ecotrust $900,000 EPA grant thru the partnership, our success is bringing in lots of attention to the Siuslaw. ODF is revamping their delivery system the forest land owners single division there is a stakeholder involved.

Kevin Martin – OHV update

Chief put together two teams nationally, proposed action has hit the streets, was in the federal register, there hasn’t been lots of actions coming down to the forest. The forest is going to move to a designated OHV area. The rule doesn’t kick in, we have to go thru a full public comment, and work w/partners develop proposed action, that process will be local. Once the designation draft rule is out 60days for public comment. As far as the Siuslaw the areas that already designated they won’t change, it will be the areas on the forest that people ride and how it affects o