Coast Range Province Advisory Committee

From the Forest Conference, April 2, 1993:

"We're here to begin a process that will help ensure that you will be able to work together in your communities for the good of your businesses, your jobs, and your natural environment."  
-President Bill Clinton

Province Advisory Committee members have helped play an important part in the implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan. Advisory committee members help identify important forest-related matters that affect themselves, their colleagues, fellow tribal members, friends, and neighbors.

Salem District Provinces

To get the best information and to ensure that all views and interests are represented in the planning process, federally chartered advisory committees of up to 29 members were appointed from each province area. As their name implies, advisory committees are responsible for helping their province teams get the best information as quickly as possible about all aspects of their province. Each advisory committee member is expected to accurately represent the views of their community, tribe, state and local government, timber industry interest, recreation group, or environmental interest.

There are 12 Provinces in western Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. The Salem BLM is part of the Oregon Coast and Willamette Provinces. The map above shows 6 of the Provinces.

The Oregon Coast Province

The Oregon Coast Province is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by the Columbia River, and on the east by the crest of the Coast Mountain Range including all but a small portion of the Siuslaw National Forest. On the southern border it takes in the lower portion of the Umpqua River near Reedsport and crosses the North Umpqua River at Melrose just west of Roseburg. From there it passes just north of Wilber and on up to Sutherlin where it turns east up to Scott Mountain. From Scott Mountain it runs northeast then north to Harness Mountain where it turns west back along the Crest of the Coast Range north to the Columbia River. The Oregon Coast Province includes the following hydrologic units: Necanicum, Nehalem, Wilson-Trask-Nestucca, Siletz-Yaquina, Alsea, Siuslaw, and Umpqua. The Oregon Coast Province is approximately 3,918,700 acres including 540,200 acres of BLM ownership, 592,800 acres of USFS ownership, 100 acres of NPS ownership, 100 acres of USFWS ownership, and 1,400 acres of DOD ownership.

The Willamette ProvinceUSFS logo

The Willamette Province is bordered on the north by the Columbia River and follows the Cascades Crest from the Columbia River (across from Stevenson, WA) down to the Oregon Cascades Recreation Area. From there the boundary turns west and follows the crest of the Calapooya Mountains to Fairview Peak, Huckleberry Mountain, and onward to Harness Mountain. At Harness Mountain it turns north to follow the crest of the Oregon Coast Mountains back to the Columbia River. The Willamette Province includes the following hydrologic units: Lower Columbia-Clatskanie, Lower Willamette, Lower Columbia-Sandy, Clackamas, Molalla-Pudding, Middle Willamette, Yamhill, Upper Willamette, North Santiam, South Santiam, McKenzie, Middle Fork Willamette, and Coast Fork Willamette. The Willamette Province is the largest province with approximately 7,987,700 acres including 424,000 acres of BLM ownership, 2,457,300 acres of USFS ownership, 8,700 acres of USFWS ownership, and 400 acres of DOD ownership.

Willamette National Forest - Willamette Province

Coast Province Meeting Minutes