Rowell Creek/Mill Creek/Rickreall Creek/Luckiamute Oregon/Washington BLM



Rowell Creek/Mill Creek/Rickreall Creek/Luckiamute

The Rowell Creek/Mill Creek/Rickreall Creek/Luckiamute River Watershed Analysis covers a large, four-watershed landmass herein termed the “megawatershed area” (see the Preface for more details on the megawatershed and analysis areas). This report will focus on an “analysis area” defined by the boundary of the following seven conterminous subwatersheds (from N. to S.) located within the megawatershed area:
Rowell Creek, Mill Creek, Upper Rickreall Creek, Rickreall Creek, Upper Luckiamute River, Little Luckiamute River, and Clayton/Pedee Creeks. See vicinity Maps 1 and 2 for graphic representations of the relationship between the megawatershed area and the analysis area.

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Rowell Creek/Mill Creek/Rickreall Creek/Luckiamute Watershed Analysis (PDF) Complete document

Map Title Number
Megawatershed Area Vicinity (PDF) Map 1, Page C-2
Analysis Area Vicinity (PDF) Map 2, Page C-3
Land Tenure (PDF) Map 3, Page C-4
Land Use Allocations LSR & AMA (PDF) Map 4, Page C-7
Reserve Pair Areas (PDF) Map 5, Page C-8
Visual Resource Management Areas (PDF) Map 6, Page C-10
Rural Interface Areas (PDF) Map 7, Page C-11
Landscape Level Relationships (PDF) Map 8, Page C-12
Road Control (PDF) Map 9, Page C-12
Slope Hazard (PDF) MP - 1
Landslides & Slide Tracks (PDF) MP - 2
Conifer Forest Seral Stages/ Habitat Types (PDF) MP - 3
Riparian Reserves (PDF) MP - 4
Riparian Reserve Connectivity (PDF) MP - 5
Stream Bank Vegetation Shade & Water Temperature (PDF) MP - 6
Potential for CWD in Streams (PDF) MP - 7
Stream Channel Classification (PDF) MP - 8
Water Quality Limited Streams (PDF) MP - 9
Density Management Opportunities (PDF) MP - 10