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North Fork Alsea River

The North Fork Alsea River Watershed is located in the central Coast Range (Coast Range Province) of western Oregon. It is approximately 17 miles southwest of Corvallis, and 26 miles east of the Pacific Ocean. Roughly 73% of the watershed is in Benton County; the remainder is in Lincoln County. The watershed is about 9 miles wide both east to west and north to south. A major tributary of the Alsea River, the North Fork Alsea River has a watershed of just under 41,900 acres (see Appendix 1, Map 1). After traveling some 15 miles, the North Fork Alsea joins the South Fork a few hundred yards west of the town of Alsea to form the mainstem Alsea River, which flows into Alsea Bay at Waldport.

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North Fork Alsea River Watershed Analysis (PDF) Complete document

Map Title Number
Location Map (PDF) App1, Map1
Zones of Influence (PDF) App 1, Map 2
Ownerships (PDF) App 1, Map 3
Coho Salmon and Winter Steelhead Habitat (PDF) App 2, Map 1
Fire History (PDF) App 3, Map 1
Current Regneration Harvest Opportunities (PDF) App 4, Map1
Future Regeneration Harvest Opportunities: Matrix Lands (PDF) App 4, Map2
Current Commercial Thinning Opportunities: Matrix Lands (PDF) App 4, Map 3
Current Density Mgt Opportunities: LSR (PDF) App 4, Map 5
Future Density Mgt Opportunities: LSR (PDF) App 4, Map 6
Transient Snow Level (PDF) App 4, Map 7
Reach Classification by Response Type (PDF) App 4, Map 8
Motorcycle Trails (PDF) App 4, Map 9
Streams at Risk for Elevated Temperatures During Summer Low Flow (PDF) App 4, Map 10
Large Woody Debris Recruitment Potential (PDF) App 4, Map 11
Special Habitats Based on Soil Types and Plant Communitites (PDF) App 4, Map12
Chinook and Coho Salmon Distribution (PDF) App 4, Map 13
Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout Distribution (PDF) App 4, Map 14
Productive Fish Flats Habitat (PDF) App 4, Map 15
Landslide Potential and High Risk Roads (PDF) App 4, Map 16
Vegetation Classes on BLM Lands (PDF) App 4, Map 17
Known Sites of Poa laxiflora (PDF) App 4, Map 18
Late Seral/Old Growth and Interior Forest Habitat Conditions (PDF) App 4, Map 19
Zones of Influence (PDF) App 5, Map 1