Marys River

The Marys River Watershed encompasses 310 square miles of forested, agricultural, and urban lands along the east side of the Coast Range in western Oregon. The watershed reaches to the highest point in the Coast Range, Marys Peak, at 4,200 feet elevation. Several headwater streams from the Coast Range merge into the Marys River, which flows into the Willamette River at the town of Corvallis at 250 feet elevation.

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Marys River Watershed Analysis (PDF) Complete document

Map Title Number
Three areas of the Watershed: Forested Uplands, Valley Floor and Urban (PDF) Map 1
Land Use (PDF) Map 2
Land ownership (PDF) Map 3
Urban growth boundaries, wetlands, and 303(d) listed waters (PDF) Map 4
Population density (PDF) Map 5
Sub-watersheds (PDF) Map 6
Watershed area in Benton County (PDF) Map 7
Extent of 1996 floods (PDF) Map 8
Pre-settlement vegetation (1850) (PDF) Map 9
1850 vegetation types in riparian areas of the lower Marys River (PDF) Map 9a
1997 vegetation types in riparian areas of the lower Marys River (PDF) Map 9b
1994 USGS digital orthophotos of riparian areas of the lower Marys River (PDF) Map 9c
303(d) listed reaches (PDF) Map 10
Distribution of stocked runs of winter steelhead (PDF) Map 11
Upper extent of fish distribution and stream size classifications (PDF) Map 12
Distribution of stocked runs of coho salmon (PDF) Map 13
Stream reaches where ODFW aquatic habitat surveys have been performed (PDF) Map 14
Riparian vegetation classification along ODFW surveyed stream reaches (PDF) Map 15
1852 and 1986 vegetation of the Willamette River (PDF) Map 16
1990 vegetation types (PDF) Map 17
Wetlands (PDF) Map 18
Soil types (PDF) Map 19
Geology (PDF) Map 20