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Lobster River

The Lobster-Five Rivers watershed lies in the southern portion of the Oregon Coast Province. It is located about 35 miles southwest of Corvallis, about 10 miles southwest of Alsea and 12 miles inland from Waldport (Map 1). Portions of Benton, Lane, and Lincoln Counties are found within the watershed boundary. The watershed occupies 76,326 acres of land.

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Lobster River Watershed Analysis (PDF) Complete document

Map Title Number
Vicinity (PDF) Map 1
Ownership (PDF) Map 2
Northwest Forest Plan Land Allocations (PDF) Map 3
Geology (PDF) Map 4
LTA - Soil/Climate Zones (PDF) Map 5
Subwatersheds and Streams (PDF) Map 6
Stream Network (PDF) Map 7
Geomorphic Segments (PDF) Map 8
Plant Association Groups (PDF) Map 9
Landslide Susceptibility (PDF) Map 10
1914 Vegetation (PDF) Map 11
Potential Beaver Habitat (PDF) Map 12
Post-Settlement Fire (PDF) Map 13
Timber Harvest and Road Construction by Decade (PDF) Map 14
Managed Stands on Federal Lands (PDF) Map 15
Current Vegetation by Seral Class (PDF) Map 16
Interior Forest Habitat (PDF) Map 17
Special Habitats (PDF) Map 18
Nesting, Roosting, and Foraging Habitat for the Northern Spotted Owl (PDF) Map 19
Potential LWD Source Areas (PDF) Map 20
Current Fish Distribution (PDF) Map 21
Physical Barriers to Fish Movement (PDF) Map 22
Potential Stream Warming and Temperature Monitoring Sites (PDF) Map 23
Matrix Areas by Seral Class outside of Riparian Reserves (PDF) Map 24
Mature Conifer Patches and Connectivity (PDF) Map 25
Quality Fish Production and Cold Water Refuge Areas (PDF) Map 26
Existing Species Diversity (PDF) Map 27
Road Access and Plantations < 10 years old (PDF) Map 28
Road Access and Plantations 11 - 24 years old (PDF) Map 29
Road Access and Plantations > 25 years old (PDF) Map 30
Overall Landscape Priority Areas (PDF) Map 31